Christian Arnold (EWE AG)

Managing Director enera

Christian is Managing Director of enera, a multipartner cooperation focusing on the digital energy transformation which is initiated by EWE AG. He completed a construction traineeship and holds university degrees in both civil engineering and business administration. Christian has studied in Germany and the US and has gained over 10 years of work experience in the Utility, Telecom and Venture Capital Industry. First, he came into contact with the energy market during his studies while researching on risk management in European electricity markets. Afterwards, he joined leading international Multi-Utility and venture capital companies in Germany and the USA. During this period, he was in charge for strategic projects in the field of Mergers & Acquisition and CleanTech related projects. In 2013, Christian joined EWE AG for building up one of the largest Energiewende – Demonstrator in Europe which is named enera. Christian also has a strong entrepreneurial background which envisioned important parts of enera´s strategy.