Damien Declercq (Local Motors)


With a background in mechanical and production engineering, and a master in management, Damien has stated his career in the battery and automotive after market. Before joining Local Motors, Damien was working on putting enthusiastic eco-friendly cars on the European roads through the use of co-creation and partnership with OEMs. Damien joined Local Motors in 2011 to serve as the Program Manager for the XC2V, a military vehicle developed for DARPA in 5 month. He then led the Business Development of Local Motors, developing the outsourced innovation business line, strategic partnerships as well as the co-creation mission. In 2014, Damien moved back to Europe to lead the setup and growth of the network of Microfactories and vehicles portfolio for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. After engaging the local mobility stakeholders, in the Urban Mobility Challenge: Berlin 2030, and validating the demand, Damien has led the European team in the development of a self driving Shuttle named Olli and the associated Self Driving Vehicle Fleet System offering.