Dave Mathews (NewAer)

CEO & Founder

Dave Mathews is building his 8th startup, is an angel investor and advisor to dozens of companies. He co-founded Digital Convergence which made the first IoT device in 1997 and was on the early teams of Make Magazine which spun off Maker Faires worldwide, Slingbox which won an Emmy award and was sold for $380M USD, and Boxee which won a Best of CES award and was sold to Samsung. One of the iPhone games he designed, Riddim Ribbon went #1 in the iTunes store two days after launch and its publishing company was then bought by Disney.

Dave lives on the West Coast of America, frequently traveling between Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles with frequent summer stays in Berlin to work with German partners and his investor Telekom for his company NewAer, Inc. Dave has been leveraging his futuristic vision of technology with NewAer to build a “heads up” contextual aware, mobile phone software system that acts like a web cookie in the real world. His company vision is to let your mobile phone act as a digital key customizing your experiences within airports, retail stores or automating the technology in your home or car.

Dave and his team dream large even with their hobbies, as his non-profit Big Imagination bought a decommissioned 747 to turn into the largest moving art piece for the 65,000 person festival Burning Man in Nevada. Inside he lead the installation and fabrication of a 25,000 LED light show that was immersive and computer controlled in 3-dimensions.