Dr. Yoram Levanon (Beyond Verbal Communication)


Chief science officer (CSO ) of Beyond Verbal Communication Ltd., Israel (world leader of Emotions Analytics field and vocal biomarkers field ). With multiple degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and Operations research-Dr. Levanon has chosen multidisciplinary studies and implementations as his preferred career. Based on that approach and on his rich experience he creates the infrastructure of the Emotion Analytics field , where physical models of brain and voice and decision making (emotional and rational) models have been used by him in the development process from 1995 until now. During this process he has discovered (in addition to Emotions universal mapping through intonation) that specific voice features/distortions are biomarkers of several diseases and has validated these findings with leading institutes (CAD-with Mayo Clinic ,Autism-with Weitzman institute ,Neuro diseases with Hadassah Hospital ,and others ).