Jonathan Yoni Ofir (Get Leaf)


Yoni Ofir is Co-Founder and CEO of LEAF, the plug-n-plant™ system that automatically grows medical plants and food from the comfort of your home. Yoni founded LEAF in 2015 after he decided to build a growing system for his own needs and encountered overwhelming consumer demand. In September 2015 LEAF was the first ever cannabis startup to participate in Techrunch Disrupt Battlefield. LEAF was named Product Hunt 2016 Hardware Product of the Year and was featured on VICELAND’s Weediquette. Prior to LEAF, Yoni served in the Israeli military for three years before founding Alcohoot (now Vertisense), a smartphone breathalyzer company that was backed by Techstars and acquired in 2014. Alcohoot was included on Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant Companies list and won several awards, including a Mashable Choice Award and a Red Dot Award for product design.