Kai Uwe Bindseil

Head of Division Life Sciences / Healthcare Industry

Berlin Partner for Business and Technologie

Dr. Kai Uwe Bindseil studied chemistry at Georg August University in Göttingen. In 1993, he wrote his doctoral thesis in bioorganic chemistry. After a post-doctoral fellowship at Ciba-Geigy AG in Basle, he moved to AnalytiCon AG in Berlin and Potsdam, where he was COO and responsible for drug discovery, marketing and international business development. In 2001, Dr Bindseil became Director of the newly founded BioTOP platform, which was the cluster management platform for the German bioregion Berlin Brandenburg. Following 9 years of sustained cluster development, with a strong focus on translation of research into growth in biotechnolgy, Dr Bindseil became Cluster Manager of Health Capital Berlin Brandenburg in 2010. In addition he is now Head of the Division Life Sciences / Healthcare Industry at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Dr Bindseil is one of the most experienced cluster managers in Europe and part of the founding team of the Council of European BioRegions, the Europe-wide network of clusters which works to support cluster development and partnership worldwide. He supported the German and European biotechnology as spokesman of the working group of German bioregions and steering group member of Scanbalt.