Nigel Gifford OBE (OZONEERING)

CP Eng. (Aero), Chairman & Founder

As a specialist in feeding in non-human environments and expedition feeding Nigel has been working to get Pouncer into the air and with the team in place, he will be working in the critical food technology area to ensure that the cargo is fit for purpose on arrival. As a family trained chef and lately the Army School of Catering, Nigel as extensive knowledge of cooking in remote and hostile environments. He wrote the present RGS catering manual and his advice is still sought for extreme expeditions. Later as a concept engineer and solutions architect, Nigel worked SAS Regiment and has also designed and built protective equipment housings for the RAF Tornado. In 1991 Nigel designed and manufactured a special camera platform for the first ever hot air balloon flight at 33,000ft over Mt Everest and as a result, he worked on Sir Richard Branson’s round the world balloon project advising on the small capsule’s internal ergonomic layout and the living routines for the crew alongside. Prior to Windhorse, he was Managing Director of the Ascenta™ – The high-altitude, long-endurance, unmanned aerial vehicle system acquired by Facebook in 2014 to provide internet access into the developing world.