Raul Krauthausen (Wheelmap)


Born in Peru with a zest for action, Raúl Krauthausen grew up in Berlin. He was a student at the Berlin University of Arts, went on to study Design Thinking, created a campaign for the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) and hosted a call-in radio show for people in crisis situations. Those conversations with his listeners, dealing with poverty, abuse and loneliness, made a lasting impression on him. In reaction to this experience, the idea to create the SOZIALHELDEN with a group of friends was born. The organisation, which is a social enterprise consisting of a group of extraordinary changemakers and creative activists, has reaped many prizes for its highly successful projects.

Examples of the SOZIALHELDEN’s sustainable and innovative projects are „Pfandtastisch helfen!“, which enables supermarket customers to donate bottle return receipts to social projects and „Deutschland sucht den SuperZivi“, a radio casting show with the aim of finding the ideal personal assistant.

At the moment Krauthausen is focussing on the development of Wheelmap.org and its community, as well as on the expansion of Leidmedien.de. This online platform and workshop series for journalists strives to bring about a more balanced and non-discriminatory portrayal of people with disabilities in the media.

In April 2013 Krauthausen was awarded the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by the German President.