PrecisionAg using AI and cutting-edge hyper-spectral sensor.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Agricultural & Food Technologies


Gamaya—an EPFL spin-off—is a data analytics company that empowers farmers with unprecedented, in-depth information about their lands and crops using a unique hyperspectral imaging sensor and artificial intelligence. Such information includes the location and type of weeds, pests, and diseases that threaten the crop yield; the market for such agriculture efficiency is projected to grow along with the global population. For very large farms, visual scouting of the plants for such problems is untenable. Our hyper-spectral sensor flies overhead on drones or airplanes capturing information about plant health that the human eye cannot see. Our sensor provides 10 times as much information as our closest competitors: drone-operated multispectral sensors. This extra information allows us to address crop issues they cannot. Our machine learning algorithms translate the spectral data into actionable information the farmer can use to protect his fields. For example, when a farmer is concerned about weeds robbing his corp of nutrients, Gamaya produces a weed map that shows him what kind of weeds, how dense the infestation is, and where in his fields the weeds are located. The farmer can then target the precise location of the weeds with anti-weed measures like herbicides, rather than spraying his entire field. Targeted spraying reduces chemical usage, thereby reducing the impacts to the environment and on human health and can slow the spread of herbicide-resistance. To this end, Gamaya partners with farmers to give them information to effectively manage their crops; we also use a network of drone operators local to where the farms are located. We have in-house agronomy, machine learning, remote sensing, and computer architecture expertise. Nearly half of our 15 FTE have doctoral degrees and all have at least one graduate degree. Our board of directors, advisors, and investors include a serial entrepreneur; the ex-CEO of Nestle; the managing directors of the Sandoz Foundation.