HeartIn Inc.

You can check your heart anywhere and anytime

Miami, United States

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


We are a fast growing company, which in a short time with little investment has developed and started selling the unique diagnostic and consultative cardio service (with a use of the self-developed line of devices), which can be useful both to healthy people and patients with cardiovascular disease. Development of our own analysis algorithms and correction programs allowed us to evaluate the user s psychological stress level by ECG analysis and provide them with an opportunity to reduce its level online. HeartIn Inc. Company was founded in Silicon Valley by a group of like-minded investors who had achieved success in fields as varying as business, information technology and medicine. Personal tragedy of one company founder suggested that saving lives of persons with cardiovascular disease would help save lives of the 17.5 million people who are estimated annually to die from diseases of the heart and related organs. (source, WHO, 2012) HeartIn Inc is a Silicon Valley, CA company, but it has major research facilities in the country of Ukraine where country’s citizens have the world’s second highest death rate by coronary disease and coronary disease is the leading cause of death. It is hoped that bringing prompt electrocardiography to the people of any country where coronary disease is significant, will reduce the incidence of death through speedy administration of treatment after onset of symptoms. Deadly time delays can be minimized by use of the HeartIn Remote Portable 12 Lead ECG Device which can be attached by the patient or helpers at home and read remotely by this company’s cardiologists. Thus, patients who need prompt hospitalization can be rushed to the nearest capable facility, and those who need less intense care can be followed up accordingly.