Inflight VR

Bringing safe and suitable VR content to the airline industry.

Barcelona, Spain

Mobility & Transportation Technologies


Virtual Reality (VR) is the perfect use case for inflight entertainment. The passenger is confined to a limited space for a considerable amount of time where he wants to be entertained and distracted. Virtual Reality is the first technology that is capable of taking the passenger out of the aircraft and immerse him into any kind of virtual world, ultimately making him forget about the limitations of an aircraft. It is basically like opening the cabin to a universe of opportunities. Virtual Reality, meanwhile, is becoming mainstream and soon will reach the mass-market. Nonetheless, due to the delicate environment of an aircraft cabin, limited space, security issues, and in air use etc., a customized VR solution is necessary for the inflight usage. This is where we come into play with our sole focus on the airline industry. We are working together with Airbus to define the industry standard of how VR can be safely consumed in the aircraft. We aggregate content by giving VR developers worldwide the opportunity to upload their experiences to our platform, following certain guidelines. In addition, we are developing a plugin for these external developers that allows us to stream for instance passenger announcements right to the screen of the passenger. By doing so, we are solving the content bottleneck in the VR inflight entertainment value chain. Moreover, we are preparing optimal experiences for air travellers, from virtual reality tours of their destination to applications to have a better rest on board. In addition, with Inflight VR, marketers have in addition the opportunity to get exclusive access to passengers using VR during a flight. We can specifically target the right audience (first class, business class, etc.) to make sure that brands reach their target customers in entirely new ways.