Creating Power from the Wasted Energy.

Haifa, Israel

Clean Technologies


InnergHarvest is an Israeli clean-tech startup which brings innovation to its' greenest peak possible.

Founded in 2016 as a solution to two main challenges in the vehicle industry: (1) The inefficiency of the internal combustion engine (ICE), which loses 60% of the fuel's chemical energy while converting it into a mechanical energy which moves the car down the road and runs useful accessories. (2) The huge amounts of Carbon Dioxide and air pollutants emitted from vehicles' motors, which accelerate global warming and diseases.

"Why waste energy when we can use it?" An idea that leads our innovative research. Therefore, InnergHarvest is not creating a new ICE, which is time and money consuming, but using the wasted energy from all vehicle parts to create electricity in a soon-to-be-patented method.

The uniqueness of the product isn't in the fact that it fits the automotive, locomotive and shipbuilding industries, or that it saves 600 EUR/year/vehicle, or saves 0.4Ton of CO2, 2.6Kg of NOx per passenger car/year, but in the fact that it's going to be placed instead of the radiator and will take over its' function as well.