Inspecto reveals pesticides in food, invisible to the named eye

Tel Aviv, Israel

Agricultural & Food Technologies


Inspecto is developing a device for the food industry that will enable them to detect contaminants in food. Our solution will give farmers, producers, handlers, retailers and regulators the ability for quick, automatic, low price and mobile detection of contaminants. The scans will generate unique data for the industry. This data will create a unique data platform for supply and product management on an enterprise scale. Inspecto will have 3 revenue streams: hardware device, recyclable cartridges, and data. We are current in the development stage. The global need for our product has been validated by at least one large size representative from each part of the food production chain. Inspecto has taken part in the Jerusalem MassChallenge and in the 8200 social program accelerators. We have received funds from the office of the chief scientist in Israel and our innovation is being patented.