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Berlin, Germany

Artificial Intelligence


At Inspirient, we are building the self-driving car of business analytics -- a service that does the analysis for you, while you cherry-pick the results that truly add value to your business.

We've set out to liberate all data analysts and consultants from manually calculating KPIs, pivoting tables, and looking for hidden trends or correlations. We help managers to get more out of their team of highly qualified analysts via end-to-end automation of widely used analytical methods. We enable executives to discover insights beyond the obvious; insights that drive competitive advantage. On the technical side, our approach combines the analytical prowess of consultancy-inspired Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the speed and scalability of the Cloud. Inspirient makes this technology available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for the B2B Business Intelligence / Analytics / Cognitive Systems market.

Inspirient GmbH was founded by Dr. Georg Wittenburg and Dr. Guillaume Aimetti in Berlin, Germany, in June 2016. We are currently deploying and piloting our technology with international consultancies, auditors, banks, and in the automotive and logistics sectors.