KONUX’s vision is to enable a data-driven industrial world through AI.

Munich, Germany

IoT, IoE


KONUX is a Munich-based vertically integrated sensor and analytics company, combining the best of German engineering quality with Silicon Valley speed and innovation. We develop customized smart sensors and use data analytics based on machine learning to generate real-time insights into the health of machines and infrastructure. Our mission is to solve complex technical challenges and help our customers become data-driven industrial companies. Industrial companies are currently facing the challenge of inadequate and expensive methods for monitoring the condition of industrial assets. Imprecise manual measurement methods provide few insights into operating conditions and experts knowledgeable in manual inspection are becoming fewer. Reactive maintenance causes lengthy machine downtimes, while conducting preventive maintenance at scheduled intervals frequently means part of assets’ useful life remains unused. For many machine types, continuous monitoring is only possible with multiple individual and expensive sensors. The KONUX solution replaces outdated measurement methods with small and affordable, retrofittable sensing units that continuously transmit asset condition data to the KONUX Andromeda software platform. There, the data are analyzed using machine learning algorithms and visualized on our user-friendly web interface. The system notifies of critical events in real-time and gives recommendations for optimal planning of maintenance operations. Thus, the assets’ full useful lives can be utilized and downtime can be minimized. We are currently digitizing Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed railway network through condition monitoring of switches and crossings, a critical part of the railway infrastructure. By providing real-time condition monitoring of switches, the KONUX solution is helping Deutsche Bahn reduce inspection and maintenance costs by 25%, decrease infrastructure downtime and improve worker safety.