LightFab GmbH

3D Printer for glass precision parts

Aachen, Germany

Manufacturing Technologies


Our innovative laser production process SLE (selective laser-induced etching) is 3D printing of glass precision parts and is scalable for mass-production. Our innovative LightFab 3D Printer is the fastest machine for prototyping and series production of 3D glass parts. Special tailored high speed scanning machines enable mass production of 3D glass parts. By innovative value co-creation with key-partners we enter differently sized markets fast and simultaneously. Our innovative SLE process makes 3D precision glass parts possible, our LightFab 3D Printer (Prism Awards winner in category industrial lasers 2016) makes prototypes affordable and by integration of our special high speed scanning modules in e.g. an industry 4.0 environment we enable mass-production. We print the glass precision parts directly from customers CAD data for markets as diverse as medicine, biology, electronics, chemistry, mechanics, optics, auto-motive and oil industry. Our business model is to offer everything necessary to bring 3D printing of glass precision parts to broad industrial applications: We offer the production service and produce prototypes and series of 3D glass precision parts e.g. for research, development and testing. We sell the LightFab 3D Printer to enable customers to do the 3D glass production on their own. Once the customers' design fits his needs and his business model we offer to engineer a dedicated mass-production system for this design. We integrate our machinery and software in the production environment of the customer e.g. with industry 4.0 methodology. Since the SLE-process is new and trained people are scarce we offer a coached production service to maximize the benefits for the customer. We team up with key-partners to enable the use of our innovations in fields we are not experts in (e.g. semiconductor industry, microfluidics, medicine, 2-photon-polymerization) and we learn to benefit from value co-creation.