MobiReh – remote rehabilitation system combined with wearable sensors

Krakow, Poland

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Our team of medical specialists, engineers and programmers has built a remote rehabilitation system which allows the patient to rehabilitate at home, being at the same time under the strict supervision of a medical doctor or a physiotherapist. We respond to the following problems: the increasing number of patients requiring rehabilitation and decreasing number of medical specialists. At the same time we provide the patients with the possibility to exercise safely at home. Only today every 4-th citizen of the EU requires rehabilitation and this number is still growing. In Poland the average waiting time for rehabilitation has increased to 130 days (and is still growing). This means that rehabilitation in most countries is not easily accessed. For instance in Germany, musculoskeletal conditions that require rehabilitation led to productivity loss in 2006. This loss was estimated to 95 million days lost at a cost of 24 billion euros or 1.1% of the GNP. mobiREH system consists of wearable sensors for remote rehabilitation of the patient, dedicated mobile application and web-based platform for medical specialists. It allows for monitoring of the physiotherapy outcome, as well as for increasing the motivation of the patient. mobiREH improves the work of physiotherapists, and gives a chance for increasing the number of rehabilitated patients. It also improves the process of physiotherapy. mobiREH supports doctors, physiotherapists and institutions in coordination, individualisation and supervision of the rehabilitation process of patients. It helps to create sets of exercises, exchange data and educate. The system was built in cooperation between mReh, research institutions and associations (Institute of Physiotherapy in the Faculty of Health Sciences Jagiellonian University Medical College, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, The University of Physical Education in Cracow). Therefore it provides the highest quality of resources.