NavVis US

Digitizing the indoors

Munich, Germany

Enterprise Solutions


NavVis aims to deliver what maps plus GPS has done for outdoors (providing omnipresent coverage and support for almost every industrial process from logistics to taxi apps and food delivery). Indoors however is still a digital wasteland. NavVis offers a complete platform for indoor location based services from mapping to web-based data access to positioning and navigation.A spin-off from TU Munich, the team builds upon years of research and development in the fields of robotics, computer vision and machine learning. More than EUR 10 mio of public and VC funding have been acquired and the company has grown into a team of close to 100 professionals. We are already serving more than 50 customers in 15 countries, among them many of the world’s largest automotive OEMs, manufacturing companies as well as insurance, logistics and retail clients.The platform consists of three product lines:1) The NavVis Mapping Trolley allows customers to capture buildings – centimeter-accurate, photorealistic, in 3D – at a fraction of the time (> 80% time reduction) and costs (>95% cost reduction) compared to traditional systems. 2) The server /web application IndoorViewer visualizes digitalized buildings, allowing users to explore indoor spaces on any device. By enriching the data with Points of Interest, users can interact with buildings and receive or contribute information in any form. 3) NavVis Indoor Navigation App is a groundbreaking technology for indoor turn-by-turn-navigation. Like humans, it uses image recognition for localization, eliminating the need for expensive additional hardware like beacons or WiFi routers. NavVis 3D building models – in conjunction with the groundbreaking positioning technology – allow NavVis to revolutionize digital value creation indoors: from construction and maintenance all the way to digital marketing of retail and exhibition space.