NÜWIEL develops clean semi-autonomous mobility solutions for city logistics

Hamburg, Germany

Mobility & Transportation Technologies


Nowadays we buy almost everything online: food, clothes, furniture, electronics. All these things are delivered to our homes by vans or trucks. The more we order online, the more frequent the deliveries, the stronger the negative impact on the environment: air pollution, increased CO2 emissions, traffic jams and road damage. NÜWIEL is a technology startup from Hamburg addressing the unmet need for a sustainable transportation solutions. We offer an e-powered intelligent bicycle trailer to efficiently move goods in cities. Based on a UPS-study, 3 ordinary bike trailers can replace 1 truck, which would save more than 57.000 USD on maintenance costs and 65 liter of fuel a day. Furthermore, according to the European Cycle Logistics Federation, delivery by bike in city is at least 30-50% faster than by truck. NÜWIEL's solution can help logistics operators to delivery goods on time and offer their end-customers to track their orders real-life. NÜWIEL is an international team of 8 capable individuals. Altogether we come from 6 countries and speak 10 languages. The founders of NÜWIEL, Sandro, Natalia and Fahad, have more than 16 years work experience altogether with competencies in production, business development, technology design and development. NÜWIEL is a member of the European Cycle Logistics Federation and is supported by a scientific base of the Hamburg University of Technology and by one of the biggest startup accelerator in Europe, Climate KIC.