Disrupting the way we collect and transport solar energy

Jerusalem, Israel

Energy Technologies


Our limited company is registered in Israel and we filed a patent on our technology in May 2016. We are developping the only alternative technology to the way we transport/distribute very large quantities of energy. Electricity transportation has relied on the same technology and basic principles for the last 130 years. Even though it is the only way that we know today, transportation through copper/aluminium cables is inefficient in many ways, up to 30% of losses in peak periods (an 18% worldwide average lost in resistive heating every year), huge yearly infrastructure and maintenance costs, non neglectable health and environment constraints. In parallel to that, solar energy (mostly photovoltaic energy) is suffering from the inefficiencies of this market and this technology. If we take a look at the hundred largest PV power plants in the world, you notice that they are all in a 50 miles radius from a major consumption hub, imposing PV generation to be locked in a scheme that prevents it from competing with fossile fuel energy generation. Our vision is to transport solar power in the form of light and not as electricity. We aim at keeping power in the form of light over long distances and transform it into electricity as close to its consumption point as possible. Our patent pending technology is revolutionnizing the way we address energy transportation and allows solar power to be available in places that are very distant from its collection place. Bringing Solar energy from the Sahara to Paris.