Live temperature monitoring to reduce costs and product waste.

Chapeco, Brazil

Agricultural & Food Technologies


We're developing a solution to guarantee the temperature of products, helping people to preserve their integrity and health. In fact, the project will be developed to help all the distribution chain, measuring the temperature of each product in real time, allowing faster action take in case of temperature abuse, specially of pharmaceuticals and food. The monitoring will be make by a device with temperature sensor and RFID to record the data. The use of temperature sensor combined with RFID provides competitive advantages in respect of what exists in brazilian market. In Brazil, there is no technology that allows the real time monitoring of temperature for this kind of products yet, so this will be the most innovative point of this solution. As we already presented, the possibility of identify temperature abuse in real time will guarantee a better control of this factor and will enable faster action taken providing new possibilities and advantages to industries, proving to consumers and patients the quality of the products. About the market size, focus on food, Brazil consumed last year 25 million tons of meat and exported 6 million tons. We are located in a region with the most concentration of meat industry in the world, and the revenue of the 3 biggest companies is €67bil.The pharmaceutical market, is growing in Brazil. Last year €39bil of revenue, being one of the biggest markets in the world. In 2015, the revenue of the pharmaceuticals laboratories was around €15bil. The share of generic drugs, which has contributed significantly to the growth of this market, rose from 17% of pharmaceutical sales in 2010 to 24% in 2015.