The company aims to become a benchmark in smart packaging

Chapeco, Brazil

Agricultural & Food Technologies


We are developing a solution to guarantee food safety, helping people to preserve your integrity and health. In fact, the project will be developed to help all the cold food distribution chain, measuring the temperature of food in real time, allowing faster action take in case of temperature abuse. The monitoring will be make by a device with nanosensor of temperature and RFID to record the data. In 2015 the WHO presented a proposal of food safety like a priority area. With that, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil has defined four priorities for the next years, where food safety was one of them. Then, PackID managers decided to make a solution to help industry to monitoring their cold products. Currently, 80% of the supermarkets in Brazil are not worried with temperature problems, then, this control is not trusted. So, people need this solution because many food outbreaks happen per year but the causes are not identified because population donÂ’t associate it with bad food storage. Besides that, the industry receive several customers complaint of deteriorated food and this is, in more than 50% of the times, associated with temperature, but they are not able to identify where the abuse happened, having a big financial loss per year. Finally, the solution we are proposing will be usefull to monitoring all the temperature behavior during the product distribution chain, helping the industry to comprove the quality of their products. We have domain expertise in this area once both of the founders are engineers, one graduated in food engineering, and the other are studying electric engineering. We intend to expand our line of smart package for food, involving other areas, providing competitive advantages to companies.