Pipeline Network

Pipeline Network provides managed IoT connectivity & intelligence for embedded device.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IoT, IoE


We provide managed IoT connectivity with a guaranteed SLA. Our network is made up of Software Defined Radio gateways where we use software to improve connectivity such as running WiFi on unlicensed spectrum i.e.: TV White Space. Furthermore, our gateways are ‘future-proof’ as we can upgrade our gateways simply by upgrade its software.

To make it interesting, we turn our gateways into edge intelligence computing unit. For requirements that needs low latency service such as transmission grid monitoring and control, machine learning models cannot be served through the cloud but instead must be using our network to ensure latency is sufficiently low. Furthermore, since the intelligence is at the edge, our network can instantly turn dumb devices into smart by offloading intelligence from device to the edge to make smart predictions which in turn enable new use cases.