wearables for industry

Munich, Germany

Manufacturing Technologies


ProGlove optimizes the most-used aid in the industry: the workers hands. It aims to make processes in production and logistics faster, safer and easier. Nowadays efficiency is the main profit driver in the industry. Outside factors force process managers to evaluate every solution to increase productivity by improving output quality and decreasing process time. ProGlove combines technology with a common glove that the worker in the industry is already used to. The usage of this simple and smart wearable improves speed, quality and data, and can simply be integrated into human based workflows. For the workers’ acceptance and adoption of wearables it is critical that he is already used to the clothing item - and everybody already wears gloves. ProGloves’ strengths show up when the human is interacting with machines, tools and parts, and where working steps are documented. The smart glove enables its user to scan handsfree and gives instant feedback. Therefore workers in production and logistics can work easier and within better ergonomic conditions. Its design, consisting of a core computing unit and a glove, adapts perfectly to the industry environment. This has already been recognized by BMW, Festo, Siemens, and other Board Executives, as well as chancellor Mrs. Merkel. They see ProGlove as a comprehensive solution for the instant start of Industry 4.0. Also investors believe in ProGlove’s vision. The startup has successfully closed its first funding round of $2.2 million in late May, led by Intel Capital, GETTYLAB and Bayern Kapital. The first ProGlove called ‘Mark’ will be launched in the second week of October. ProGlove is rapidly growing and this is happening for reason. Core competencies are convincing - and are being developed further all the time.