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The next generation of field service collaboration for the industry 4.0.

Cologne, Germany

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Nowadays industrial machines and facilities have become more and more complex which makes it very difficult for service technicians to maintain and repair them without the support of an expert. That support is currently done via email or telephone is most cases which is either too slow or lacks visual information. Therefore, experts like senior service people or engineers need to travel to the location in order to help the field worker. This takes a lot of time and is very expensive. rise solves this problem with developing a SaaS platform that enables the easiest and most efficient way of communicating with field teams. With providing the field worker with instant instructions over mobile devices as well as smart glasses, he is able to perform complex jobs beyond his actual skill level. Based on feedback from our customers, this saves up to 9x the time to solve service cases and up to 30% in travel expenses.