SafeRide Technologies Ltd.

Intelligent Cyber-Security Solutions for Commercial Fleets and Private Vehicles

Tel Aviv, Israel

Security & Safety Technologies


SafeRide is a leading provider of next-generation, holistic cybersecurity intelligence solutions for commercial fleets and private vehicles. The company’s advanced analytics based software provides automotive vendor OEMs, Gateway and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) vendors, and Service Providers with a secure framework in which to innovate and create value for connected and/or autonomous vehicles. SafeRide’s vSentry software suite provides multi-tier cyber-threat protection.  Spanning the vehicle critical operational core through to the connected vehicle intelligent application layer, it is supported by an intelligent cloud-based security facilitation layer. The vSentry solution provides unmatched security and value-added services. SafeRide offers real-time security status analytics; rapid response to security events; Big Data threat analysis; and continuous protection against new threats, providing automotive vendors with the freedom to develop differentiated Gateways and ECUs, including telematics and infotainment systems, with complete peace of mind.