Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Safety Against Vehicle Hacking

Tel Aviv, Israel

Mobility & Transportation Technologies


SafeRide's co-founders have deep cyber security product development and military cyber security expertise; products developed before have been deployed with the world’s largest ISPs, cloud service providers and Fortune 500 data centers. A vehicle has more potential attack surfaces than a computer. Currently there are no hardened security SW products that enable open connectivity; detect intrusion points; and enable safety intelligence when under cyber attack. Numerous exploits have recently exposed state-of-the-art weaknesses. The industry is actively seeking solutions to make vehicle security robust for safe mobility and transportation. SafeRide's co-founders have a passion for solving this problem and providing safety for drivers of electro- and autonomous vehicles, as well as current generation connected cars. Today’s automotive cybersecurity solutions on the market are primarily signature-based IPS. Only select startups are applying deep learning, ML and advanced analytics; all are in early development stages. SafeRide’s solution offers additional layers of threat protection which will become mandatory core requirements for an autonomous driving ecosystem. Based on the most recent advancements in data analytics, SafeRide is capable of identifying zero-day vulnerabilities and persistent cyber attacks and, thus, secure consumers and nations against vehicle targeted attacks. Market Opportunity: The vehicle intrusion detection market is nascent. Navigant Research projections for intrusion detection alone are for growth from USD 2.2M in 2017, to USD 700M in 2022. As eMobility applications and electronic and autonomous driving take off, the related security market will grow exponentially. Accordingly, the cloud-based threat intelligence market is non-existent today pertaining to solutions that apply advanced analytics, zero-day protection, and APT protection. Safety and compliance in electro mobility and autonomous vehicle roll-outs will drive market.