Save Our Agriculture

We conceive and make aquaponics kits for people who want to grow their food

Douala, Cameroon

Agricultural & Food Technologies


Our company conceive and build aquaponic kits and units for individuals and professionals who want to grow organic food at home or in urban areas. We are thus fighting the problem of logistics which is at the origin of the high cost of food in the local market, because 40% of rural harvest is lost during traditional transportation. We make a difference by giving priority to quality rather than quantity. By producing foods themselves, our customers are confident of what they consume. With the growth of the activity, we plan to hire 3 additional employees in 2017, to reinforce the current team of 6 permanent staff. Our ultimate goal is an overall increase in agricultural production of around 40%. Moreover, on a somewhat broader scale, this is a market that we estimate to be more than 3 billion USD in the Central Africa sub-region. The idea behind our project is that almost half of Cameroon's agricultural production is lost in rural areas because of insufficient logistics to transport them to the cities. Because of this, the food transported in the city is excessively expensive and is not within the reach of the average Cameroonian while in addition, totally devoid of flavor because very often produced with a lot of chemical fertilizers. The solution we propose to deal with is to produce large volumes of organic and healthy food in an urban environment.