Digitizing products to authenticate, trace and enhance trust in products.

Lausanne, Switzerland

IoT, IoE


By connecting passive products to the Internet using secure unique identifiers, ScanTrust provides secure QR codes and an IoT platform to enable brands and manufacturers to track & trace their supply chain and users to authenticate using smartphones.

ScanTrust’s innovative mobile and cloud-based solution is built around its patent-pending technology of the world‘s first secure, copy-proof QR code (“Secure QR Code”). With a secure graphic acting as a “digital fingerprint” embedded inside each QR code, these codes serve as secure, unique identifiers to allow product tracking at the unitary level. For companies that are in the business of operating complex supply chains and destination networks, or wish to provide customers with proof-positive of product authenticity, this will be transformative.

The “Internet of Packaging” Platform that ScanTrust has created will become a vital composition of the IoT ecosystem. Our solution is a powerful tool that benefits our end-users in multiple ways through product-level authentication and supply chain track & trace: 1) Build a direct channel to customer 2) Enhance Brand Loyalty 3) Generate cross-selling opportunities 4) Brand protection 5) Business intelligence