Sensorberg Berlin

Sensorberg is merging the digital with the physical world

Berlin, Germany

Enterprise Solutions


At Sensorberg, we believe IoT must be as simple, affordable and fast as consumer technology itself. We combine standard hardware with a powerful enterprise cloud solutions to create IoT networks on-the-fly. This simplicity helps our customers to install sensors by the thousands in settings where they’ve never been used before.

For centuries we have seen the same patterns of technology disruption repeat itself.

Expensive, hardware driven, proprietary and complex business models shift towards affordable, software driven, open, smart & simple disruption patterns. Additionally IoT projects still face schedule extensions of up to 100% with consequent cost overruns. The more ambitious and complicated the project, the greater the schedule overruns.

Our solution enables companies to overcome these common problems with IoT projects. We believe that IoT offers enormous potential and that it should be as simple, affordable and fast as the technology itself. We empower our customers to make the most out of this new technology and welcome them to be part of this estimated $661 billion market.

As one of the first companies to focus on the disruptive potential of IoT combined with proximity technology, already back in 2013, we've help drive this market from the very beginning. We're proud of the sweat and hardwork we poured into our platform over the last 4 years.