We massively reduce B2B foodwaste (marketplace matching surplus and demand)

Berlin, Germany

Agricultural & Food Technologies


SirPlus saves excess food that is either imperfect, close to expiry, or past best before date. In close partnership with producers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, we aim to bring what would otherwise be waste back into the food cycle responsibly. Currently, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted globally per year. The energy that goes into production, harvesting, and transport of wasted foods accounts for 3.3 billion metric tons of CO2, making it the third largest emitter after the US and China. Around 20 million tons of food are wasted each year in Germany alone. That equals 500,000 truckloads - one row of trucks from Berlin to Bangkok, full of food! SirPlus saves massive amounts of B2B surplus food and redistributes such surplus food to consumers, NGOs and businesses. To achieve that, we will build a digital marketplace to systematically and intelligently match the supply and demand of surplus food. On the platform, the whole value chain is represented: from farmers and producers, to distributors and logistics companies, to wholesalers and supermarkets - empowering the businesses to give or donate and buy or receive surplus food easily. Surplus food will be offered to the highest bidder or a continuous trade cooperation can be started. Food businesses can increase revenue by selling their surplus or wonky food and reducing their disposal costs. Further we will provide cooperating businesses certificates with statistics about the amount of food and CO2 emissions saved. A win-win-win situation for both giving and receiving businesses and the environment. The software will be provided to NGOs and charities free of charge, allowing them to digitize and simplify their already existing operations, delivery routes, pick-up times, and cooperations. As a pilot in Berlin we will open a food outlet flagship store including a same-day-delivery service, to redistribute significant amounts of surplus food which are provided to us by our B2B partners for free. Retail customers and businesses can buy the salvaged and perfectly edible goods directly at the SirPlus store in Berlin at discounts of up to 70% of their original price. We ship the same day within Berlin and provide delivery via parcel within Germany. 20 % of all the food provided to us is donated to social projects and causes. For the implementation of the concept, we’re currently running our crowdfunding campaign: