Toposens GmbH

Toposens is a 3D ultrasonic sensor & analytics company.

Munich, Germany

Industrial Technologies


Toposens builds innovative 3D sensor technology, which can perceive its surroundings via ultrasound in real time. We use off-the-shelf, low-cost components and arrange them in a specific design. We combine this hardware with our unique knowhow that lies in the software and thus offer a small but powerful sensor that recognizes its surroundings. Our sensor is the first of its kind – up to now no other company has been able to scan in real time in 3D using ultrasound with one single sensor system. At the moment the whole technology is still patent pending. The specifications of ultrasound technology will make it possible for the first time to build a 3D sensor system which is small, lightweight, energy efficient and precise. It protects privacy and is reasonably priced. Generally, the 3D ultrasound sensor system can be used for recognizing objects, people and gestures. The global market for 3D sensor technology amounted to nearly € 1 bn. In 2015 and will go up to approx. € 3 bn. in 2020 (Source: „3D Sensor Market by Technology“,, looked up on 14.04.2016). This development is driven by the strong growth of several important markets, e.g. consumer hardware, industrial automation, automotive, logistics and robotics. The fields of application for the sensor system are manifold, for example: - Gesture control for the TV, smartphone, inside a car or for medical purposes, Human-Machine-Interfaces for industrial usage - Collision avoidance (e.g. in autonomously moving cars, drones or logistics systems) - Counting and tracking people (e.g. in retail stores, public transport or at events) Even though the sensor system can be applied to so many different markets we will focus on market at first and therefore start with the following: As a first use-case, Toposens will offer a people counting sensor for retail stores. With this system, we can track offline customer behavior anonymously and reliably.