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eCommerce is a $400 billion US dollar industry, and it is expected to grow to $600 billion US dollars by 2020. The key criteria for customer loyalty and success in this space is free and fast shipping. Amazon, the largest and most successful eCommerce retailer in the world, is able to fulfill these demands only because they have invested millions in technology and infrastructure that allows them to ship orders within only 2 days. Their fast shipping services have given consumers high expectations for all eCommerce retailers. Unfortunately, for most eCommerce retailers, fast and free shipping is simply not cost-feasible. One of the main reasons that keeps shipping fees high is a relatively new metric known as dimensional (DIM) weight, or volumetric weight. It is a concept that enables parcel carriers to account for not only the physical weight of the package, but also the space that it occupies on their transport vehicles. Since January 2015, UPS and FedEx have changed their regulations such that all packages can now be assessed according to their DIM weight. DIM weight parcel pricing methods can increase small package shipping costs for unprepared shippers industry wide, yielding an average of 30% of billable weight. For industries that ship high volumes of low-density products and/or a diverse assortments of products, such as eCommerce, DIM weight is a significant issue. Many eCommerce retailers are actually not aware of its impact, and on average are spending 5% more in expenditures when not accounting for DIM weight in their packaging and shipping processes. By providing AFFORDABLE dimensioning technology, Tricolops Technology enables even small eCommerce retailers to reduce shipping costs and increase their competitive in this space.