Berlin, Germany

Clean Technologies


ubitricity enables an up to 90% cost reduction of EV charging infrastructure using mobile smart meters and innovative data management. The company applies the logic of mobile communication to the world of energy by linking energy services to a mobile device: a mobile smart meter inside the charging cable or directly in the EV is bundled with an energy supply contract. Users only need one mobile device to enable ubiquitous smart charging wherever they park. The mobile device reduces local charging infrastructure to a mere “docking station”: a low-cost power socket (“SimpleSocket”) suffices as a charging spot and guarantees ubiquitous yet affordable smart charging – wherever EVs park. The system sockets can also be fully integrated in existing city infrastructure, e.g. light poles, without incurring operational costs for authorization, metering and billing. The services provided to utilities fit seamlessly into existing IT systems. ubitricity operates a mobile virtual network for electricity and enables monetization of services within the “Internet of Energy Things”.