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Berlin, Germany

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Vehiculum, the future fleet manager for SME’s: we manage the underlying contracts and optimize monthly costs and flexibility for our customers. The largest carpark in Germany is held by SME’s and the vast majority of this carpark is leased. As the brand awareness goes down and the desire for flexibility increases, the requirements of the SME’s shift. This will not be solved by car sharing since that is not cost efficient for SME’s. What they need is a way to manage their leasing contracts based on costs per month (TCO). The basis of that is a brand-independent tool that matches the mobility requirements of the SME with possible solutions and compares them on a costs per month basis. This tool will need to reflect all cost-relevant elements such as service and insurance. The SME must be able to select and order the preferred total package online with 1 click, irrespective of the providers (manufacturer, dealer, bank, insurer). Current leasing is especially inflexible in 2 ways: cars often have long delivery periods and leasing terms (duration and annual use) are not changeable during the contract period. Since leasing agreements are transferrable, we can increase flexibility and reduce monthly costs by combining all leasing contracts of our customers and optimize it as if it were 1 fleet. A contract with 4 months left for example, can be transferred to a customer with a short term horizon if the current market price for a new (similar) contract is lower. We can pro-actively do this since we have both market data and the contract data of our customers.