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Imagine a CIA cell in a typical Hollywood movie: they are looking for an ex-agent gone rogue (Jason Bourne?), and they are doing everything they can to track him down. To pull it off, they must access all sorts of databases, cross the different data sources, explore his itineraries, look for patterns through time and space, explore his relationships, discover trends in how he contacted people, apply predictive analytics to try to anticipate where he could possibly be, and finally share results in real time with colleagues, to put everyone on the same page. Since this is a movie, they do it all quickly and easily with their unbelievably smooth fictional data interfaces. In real-life though, anything data-related is very likely to become a nightmare. Businesses have to cope with clunky business intelligence software, while competitive pressure makes their needs closer and closer to those of a CIA cell. They want the power to answer anything that could possibly be asked, and they want these answers quickly. In 2014, we founded Vize Software with the mission to make that movie-like data application a reality, and make it usable by anyone, regardless of their data skills. There is a strong demand in the Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) industry for self-service products that can be used by business users without help from IT. Our purpose is to disrupt this industry by extending the scope of use cases that existing self-service products support, and to reach the wealth of users that they left out (75% of all use cases). Today we have a proprietary technology, and a single-user front-end product that has been critically acclaimed by our clients for its ability to deliver. We plan to turn this product into a full-fledge enterprise solution, and have a shot at becoming a reference in the multi-billion dollar Business Intelligence & Analytics market. Thereto see demo of VIZE S. tool, we advise the reader to go on the following demonstration video: