Speech recognition algorithm translating non-standard speech in real time

Ramat Gan, Israel

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Voiceitt's speech recognition technology is a holistic solution for the communication challenges faced by millions of people who have diseases affecting their speech. Its software application, Talkitt, enables people with motor, speech or cognitive disabilities to communicate with family members, healthcare professionals, and society as a whole. For millions around the world with speech impairments, verbal communication is a nearly insurmountable task: about 1.5% of the Western world's population have speech disabilities caused by medical conditions dramatically decreasing their ability to do even simple tasks like ordering a coffee - about six million within Europe living with mild to moderate to severe speech disabilities that would benefit from Talkitt. Talkitt speech recognition technology translates unintelligible sounds into clear speech in real time, enabling people with motor, speech or cognitive disabilities to communicate naturally with family members, health care professionals, and society as a whole. Talkitt uses pattern classification technology, personalised for each individual speaker; unlike standard speech recognition, Talkitt is not language dependent but rather speaker dependent. By giving them back their voices, Voiceitt fosters independence, empowerment and social inclusion among speech-disabled children who currently depend on bulky, slow, expensive solutions for this vital human need: communication. Currently in the advanced stages of development, the mobile app is simple-to-use, intuitive, affordable, and works in any language. We are building a community as well as a product, and we would be thrilled at the opportunity to join other world-changing companies that share our passion for applying their versatile, mobile technologies toward socially-beneficial projects. This global mission is particularly relevant and attainable, as Talkitt works in any language. Exposure to prominent investors would also be important as our company moves fas