Multicopter for the ground & barrier-free, stairwalking wheelchair 3.0

Biberach, Germany

Mobility & Transportation Technologies


Originally we are building the barrier-free wheelchair 3.0, which overcomes stairs of all kind. It also can overcome thresholds and get on trains, cars or buses. A walking robot with legs, eyes and a brain. The revolutionary Walkerchair is freedom for millions of wheelchair users worldwide. Real barrier-freedom and self-determined share in social and working life. The Walkerchair extents the wheelchair by the missing third dimension and thereby tears down so far unsurmountable barriers. Wheelchair users now can self-dependently overcome staircases or railway sleeper of any kind and get in cars, on busses or trains on their own. It started out as a wheelchair, but by now we realize, that it is more like the “multicopter for the ground”, as it is more like a new mobility class. Based on this concept it might be possible to build ground based drones for delivery, surveillance or production and many more applications. It might turn out similar like the „Starship“ delivery drone, but with the ability of overcoming curbstones, staircases of all kind and could also get on or off the van without a ramp.