Agricultural Operating System

Porto, Portugal

Agricultural & Food Technologies


Wisecrop is changing the way Agriculture is perceived. It provides a complete solution to this industry with the ultimate purpose of supporting the Farmers to grow more and better, reducing costs and waste, thus ensuring enough and high quality food for the years to come. We believe that technology has evolved a lot with respect to heavy machinery and automating processes, but there's still a lack of solutions regarding decision support and farm management. With Wisecrop, every decision the Farmer takes can be supported in facts and based on real-time information about the crop. Because we know that the Farmer does not work all by himself, Wisecrop also provides a centralized platform so that the Expert, Association and Services Providers can all work over the same data, boosting the final output of the farm. Each different player of this industry can take advantage of this solution: Farmers can grow more and better thus increasing their profits; Experts can act faster and in a preventive way by being able to remotely monitor their Farmers; Associations can provide a centralized support, making usage of regional data together with micro-climate and crop real-time data; and Services Providers can work over a centralized back-office thus being able to deliver their services faster, with more quality and integrated with all of the other data provided by Wisecrop. We care for the ones who care about us. Wisecrop, the Natural (r)Evolution.