Agricultural Trade 4.0

Munich, Germany

Agricultural & Food Technologies


Agrando provides b2b online trading services for agricultural inputs. The agricultural trade is one of the oldest and most old-fashioned markets in world. It is characterized by high price volatilities, high trading volumes and cumbersome communication and trading processes. Digitization within the agricultural sector is proceeding slower compared to other industries, even though demographic and structural changes demand farmers and suppliers to adapt their businesses and profit from digital progress. Our mission is to provide a single platform for farmers and suppliers which makes communications, interactions and transactions between both parties more powerful, more trustworthy, and easier than ever before. We enable farmers to connect with suppliers and digitize the entire procurement process of agricultural inputs. On the one side, farmers can create requests for products they are looking to purchase, receive, compare and manage quotes from verified and rated suppliers, directly interact with a supplier to negotiate or clarify important details and finally accept a supplier’s quote and review their performance. On the other side, we provide suppliers with access to qualified and verified customers by offering them a new distribution channel for their products. Suppliers set up individual online profiles and create their own product portfolios, which will be discovered easily by interested farmers. Furthermore, by maintaining a reliable trading profile and interacting with farmers through the platform’s common or direct messaging channels, suppliers have the chance to increase popularity and thus total sales using our secured online trading service.