Qualification Verification

London, United Kingdom



Around one third of people lie on their CV. Several get away with it and even reach the top of ladder, such as Scott Thompson, former Yahoo! CEO and Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President. To tackle these issues, Gradbase guarantees that anybody, anywhere can instantaneously verify your true qualifications stated on your CV. Issuers (e.g. universities) upload on the Bitcoin Blockchain their records (e.g. student diplomas) via Gradbase, and provide record holders with a QR code to access their records. This QR code can be included on CVs for employers to scan and instantly verify the qualifications stated by job applicants. Gradbase provides value to all three stakeholders. Issuers drastically reduce the amount of administrative work required to process employers’ requests to verify credentials. Employers avoid expensive and lengthy background checks on job applicants. Candidates add credibility to their CVs by immediately proving the authenticity of their records.