Neurofox UG

Cutting-edge Neurotech Company that will make deep relaxation & mindfulness easy through brain sensing technology.

Berlin, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Founded September 2015 in Berlin. We are neurotech company specialized in creating brain sensing hardware and software.

Our hardware product is the first “made in Germany” Neurofeedback device for mobile and personal use worldwide.

Together with our partner company Neurosphere we are bringing an easy to use and wear flexible headband with medical grade EEG data quality combined with AI-based neurofeedback, which tailors the calibration, training, reward and analysis process to the unique brain of the user based on advanced data models that we create with data fusion and deep learning algorithms.

The goal is to automatize neurofeedback training and further realize predictive analysis of quantifiable cognitive processes.

The first automatized neurofeedback application will provide a training to fully relax and calm down the mind with sustainable & evidence-based results.

Our success comes from taking out the guesswork by measuring brain activity.

The training is both for people who are already doing brain exercises and/or meditation and for people who would like to try out this cutting-edge technology as training wheels to enable a future where you can radically improve brain abilities at the workplace with evidence-based and sustainable results. Later on we will also offer premium SAAS solutions where we can, for example, analyse in the cloud if the user has a higher risk of alzheimer's or dementia.

In the next step we are also planning to connect therapists and psychologists with our users via our Infrastructure and platform as a service solution. Our first applications which we plan to launch in 2017 are in the field of wellness and lifestyle. In 2018 we plan to have our hardware and software certified to be used for therapeutical purposes and as an auxiliary tool in the medical field. For all planned products, the software is realized in partnership with Neurosphere.