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Current Focus Designing an efficient and cost-effective energy saving and awareness application to drive demand-side energy management using IoT, data analytics, and engagement design. Story In Hong Kong, electricity is a major source of Air Pollution (54% generated by Coal ? 47% of SO2, 28% of NOX, 16% of RSP emissions). Buildings consume 90% electricity but energy saving is regarded as a privilege due to expensive building management equipment and system. Building owners treat energy saving as a cost centre while general public spend only 9 minutes a year on energy use (basically I don't care). Momentum In Jan 2017, we have signed collaboration contracts with various world-leading corporates in energy equipment and manufacturing, and will be rolling out our application in stages starting from Apr 2017. Company Background Future Impact Lab Limited (FILL) is a venture starting from IoT and Data Technology, and maturing in Domains of Applications. Founded in 2015 with cross-disciplinary designers, makers and scientists from US and Hong Kong, FILL is a passionate team to make things happen. Our Philosophy Design • Create • Connect • Share are the company pillars upon which we build our products and perform company operations. We start with ourselves and work together with Domain Experts and people who are interested in addressing bigger problems for the world. Mission Making an Impact with Empathy targeting the well-being of Mankind is the reason our Founding Team gathers together. Environment, Agriculture, and Elderly are 3 domains FILL receives a call in. They are fundamentals of our life, and are areas we can contribute with our expertise. Project References We gained experience as a team and insights in different domains through using design technologies to help our clients, e.g., smart farming, sports events, loyalty program, education, etc.