Fited is a stealth health-tech start up.

İzmir, Turkey

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Fited is innovating on the end-to-end process for medical braces and prosthetics. Moving away from the age-old plaster-casting and hand-molding, we deliver comfortable, accurate, and custom 3D-printed products in an easy, fast, and accessible process. Our first product is a Scoliosis brace, but our software platform is designed to scale across medical bracing and prosthetic products. Fited was founded by Akanksha Vyas and Erdem Ay. Scoliosis affects spine curvature in 2% of the population. Examining the bracing process illustrates problems with medical bracing and prosthetics today. Scoliosis detection is inaccurate. With plaster-casting prescription, patients are harnessed to a table and their body is covered with plaster. The dried plaster is cut with an electric saw and used to hand-mold each brace, which expensive and prone to error. The process is scary and tedious and the final brace is bulky and uncomfortable. We are building a smartphone app for early symptom screening and digital prescription using just photos. This allows timely detection and eliminates the need for any special equipment. Our 3D design software uses machine learning to create products custom-fit to each patient. With built-in sensors we track usage to improve the efficacy and fit, creating elegant and accurate products. Akanksha built scalable 3D software at industry pioneers like Autodesk and BodyLabs. Erdem brings over 15 years experience driving product strategy from social networks at myspace & to pharmaceutical software at Revitas. Akanksha and Erdem collaborated at SOLS, building 3D-printed orthotics. In addition to the founders, UI/UX designer Michal brings mathematical design skills from Cambridge University & RISD, and Sarah brings marketing knowledge from Verizon & Chrysler. We also have a medical advisory board with Orthopedic and medical regulatory expertise.