Custom-fit 3D printed medical braces and prosthetics for just photos - accurate, trackable, and accessible globally.

İzmir, Turkey

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Fited makes custom-fit 3D printed medical body braces and prosthetics from just photos. Started by Akanksha Vyas and Erdem Ay, our mission is to make custom medical devices trackable, accurate, and easily accessible globally. Fited is a U.S. company with a global presence, supported by BNB Paribas (TEB), Clarkson University, and the Brightlands Innovation Factory. We were awarded with the Jury’s Choice Spirit of Manufacturing award at the TiE Global Summit and won the Pitch Competition at the Izmir Venture Summit. Moving away from the traditional process of plaster-casting and hand-molding, Fited is building a software platform to revolutionize the end-to-end process for medical bracing and prosthetics. Our Screening and Awareness app enables Doctors to reach more patients in a timely manner. Once the disease is detected, we are able to avoid the plaster casting process with just photos. Our patent-pending 3D design (CAD) software platform creates truly custom 3D printed products from these photos. We have built our own CAD tools to design 3D models that fit the human body. Using learning techniques, our software morphs generic 3D models to fit each unique patient based on their photos, iteratively improving product fit and function. We create truly custom products at the low unit-cost of mass-production. This digital prescription system is easier for the doctor and more comfortable for the patient. It avoids the hassle of going to a lab and can be used right from the Doctor’s office, reducing the cost and inaccuracy of the current manual process. Our first product is a Scoliosis brace, though our software scales across medical bracing and prosthetics, opening up a market size of $11 Billion. The core team comes from leading universities and industry leaders across the United States, Europe, and Turkey. Akanksha has built scalable 3D software at industry pioneers like Autodesk and BodyLabs. With a Master’s in Computer Science, she specializes in CAD software, Body Modeling, and Probabilistic algorithms. Erdem brings over 15 years of experience driving product strategy. He has built social networks at myspace &, pharmaceutical software at Revitas, and medically compliant mobile and web technologies at SOLS. Akanksha and Erdem collaborated at SOLS, the first 3D-printed orthotics company.