Customizable and scalable gesture recognition and motion analysis software

Lisbon, Portugal

Artificial Intelligence


Since we were kids, we use our hands and body to communicate and that’s what make us unique. Nowadays, companies try to bring that same natural interaction to their products, usually ending up with something that is difficult to use, requires frequent calibrations and training procedures, after spending tons of money in the process. Heptasense was founded with the purpose of helping companies to improve their customer experience. Heptasense is an AI for gesture recognition and analysis, that can be customized without further calibrations for the final user, and it is agnostic to any device or sensor technology.

The software is hosted in the cloud, accessible through APIs. It works on 4 horizontals:

- Vision-based, based on cameras. It does hand tracking and gesture recognition in real-time;

- Inertial, based on motion sensors like accelerometers, gyros and compass. It allows the 3D tracking, recognition of air drawing gestures and motion analysis;

- Touch, based on touchscreens. It allows the recognition of drawing patterns on a screen;

- Biosignals, based on electrical patterns generated by the muscles. It allows the recognition of individual finger movements and hand waving. Combining gestures from different devices is also possible, allowing an unprecedented user experience. On our web platform, companies can also have access to a dashboard with metrics of their customers, business intelligence and management tools.