Mimi Hearing Technologies

Mimi strives for a world where hearing is not a barrier anymore.

Berlin, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Our hearing is the most powerful one of our senses. It connects us with the world, lets us listen to music and the voices of our friends and family. Being able to hear means to feel connected. Several factors have shaped the way how you are able to listen. At Mimi we call this your personal earprint. Your earprint determines how sound and music sound for you. Throughout life, your hearing ability changes and with it, your earprint. In different stages of life, people need different support and solution to have the best listening experience. And one thing is for sure: we all have hearing problems - most of us just don’t know. It doesn’t matter how old you are - among all age groups people increasingly have hearing problems. Additionally there are even 650 million people worldwide who officially suffer from hearing loss. Many people are not willing to pay money for their music. Because they cannot enjoy it anymore. The industry is starting to offer you lossless audio, users buy expensive pair of headphones or speakers to get the most out of their music - but in the end, no one controls how we really perceive sound because of our different hearing abilities. That’s why we built Mimi - the missing link between sound, your ears and emotions. With the Mimi listening experience, you will hear clearer sound with more nuances and details. Just like sitting in the front row of a concert. Yet, easy accessible on your smartphone. You can experience Mimi today already through the Mimi Music App. Consider Mimi Music glasses for your ears: Rediscover your music and listen to your songs how they actually are supposed to sound. We are currently building our Software Development Kit (Mimi Inside) for partners to make it as easy as possible to personalize sound based on your earprint.