Sfera Labs

Inovative open technologies for professional automation

Milan, Italy

IoT, IoE


We aim at bringing open software and hardware technologies from the maker and educational worlds into professional IoT, industrial control and home & building automation solutions, maintaining and improving the current standards of security, safety and reliability. The technology currently used in the professional automation field is characterised by a strong predominance of non-standard, proprietary solutions targeted at highly specialised and trained users. The software toolsets are mainly designed around outdated methodologies, originally thought for electricians rather than software developers. On the other hand, mainstream hardware platforms, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, are designed for low-end IoT and automation projects mainly targeted at hobbyists and students. There are no established open-source software frameworks targeting professional automation. The introduction of open source technology, mainstream platforms and modern software development practices in the professional automation filed will result in: -lower entry barriers in the market -lower specialisation requirements -improved security and reliability -costs reduction -increase of available reusable resources and documentation -faster prototype-to-production process Our offer: -Software: Open-source software frameworks and resources for professional automation, designed around modern development patterns and methodologies. -Hardware: Open hardware solutions built upon mainstream platforms suitable for professional employment. -Vertical solutions: Customised development built upon our software and hardware solutions. -Project planning: Consulting and collaborations for projects that meet our mission. -Training: Specialised training to promote our mission and solutions. Our target market: -Industrial control and Home & Building automation -Smart Infrastructure -IoT/IIoT/HMI producers -Professionals in the automation field -Students, researchers and makers