AmbiGate GmbH

AmbiGate - 3D sensor-based exergames. Playfully fit.

Tübingen, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


AmbiGate is an independent University of Tübingen Spin-off, specialized in motion sensing and was found 2015. We are using cutting edge 3D Sensor technology to track movements of people using our software. This expertise is also provided to other notable companies. The core product is eReha a videogame-based therapy system for corporate healthcare but also for home usage. As we are in the field of med tech and digital health we work together with the largest Physiotherapy association of Germany to provide medical approved exercises for any kind of kinesiatrics. The company has a qualified scientific and business advisory board consisting of university professors, consultants and experts in medicine and marketing. AmbiGate has three founders of the fields of bioinformatics, informatics and international business administrations. The team besides the founders includes Game Designers, Computer Scientists, 3D Artists, physicians and several interns from the university. Amongst others AmbiGate received the ICT innovative award and a scholarship of German Ministry of Economics as well the Weconomy award from Handelsblatt and Roland Berger. The startup company got a grant and did bootstrapping. It never received any equity money, is not dependent on any industry partner or VCs/BAs and still owns all company shares. We have waiting customers, an amazing product, the competence and we have the will. What we need is a great eco system like CUBE and some money. Money, to hire some more full-time developers for polishing and content production, for the waiting customers. Money, to get the medical approval, to be able to sell a real-time feedback as detailed as we wish, to provide a real “personal physio” to our customers.