ambiotex – understand your heartbeat

Ambiotex is a wearable that improves training effectiveness and saves lives

Tübingen, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


ambiotex was founded to enable ambitious amateur athletes to use professional grade body analytics when and wherever needed. After an entry in the sports and fitness market, ambiotex will file certifications for medical use in order to monitor patients with heart related and heart affecting diseases. ambiotex’ device will give early and often lifesaving warnings upon changes in ECG patterns.

To reach that goal, ambiotex has partnered with the world’s renowned research institute Fraunhofer and with a series of expert companies to integrate all the core elements that make up the technological platform. The key R&D areas are the textile integration (choice of sensors, washability, wearing comfort, ease of use, durability), the microprocessor driven tech unit (method of attachment to the garment, power usage, connectivity, thin vs. fat client architecture, miniaturization of the elements), back-end complexity (signal cleansing, data processing algorithms, research of analogies of tests possible in stationary environments vs. tests based on data collected from textile sensors) and cloud and interface architecture (data protection, connectivity to existing training and health architecture, communication with trainers and doctors). The first product is a shirt that features textile ECG sensors, a tech unit preprocessing these signals and an app that processes these signals to provide on demand tests for stress and performance, continuous monitoring of the user including advice for optimal training and the possibility to share test and training data to coaches or doctors. This product has just reached production readiness and is planned to be on the market by the end of March 2017. The development roadmap for the coming year includes a true calorie measurement, respiration sensorics and additional ECG sensors to extend the usability for the athlete on one side and to prepare the platform for medical usage on the other.