sustainable Cloudhost and Datacenter

Hamburg, Germany

Big Data & Cloud Technologies


Today data centers are spending more than 3% of the global energy production. And they are causing more than 2% of global CO2-emissions which is more than the whole aviation sector - with rising tendency. With our local and renewable energy supply we are the first data center which is embedded in a real green energy grid. Therefore we are causing no CO2-emissions in terms of energy supply. With our innovative and scalable approach to use renewable energies directly and local for our data center we give customers a sustainable alternative. Furthermore we can show the established data center industry how to run a data center climate-friendly. Currently we are working on a label for real green Cloud Solutions. In the last years Green IT was a Big Buzzword, but the most of it was greenwashing. We don’t use green certificated Energy. Our energy is directly from the local wind farm, so we can guarantee real green energy. The label is a USP for our customers. It gives them the possibility to show that their websites, storage or e-commerce shop is running green. The label should take Science Based Targets into account. Therefore we can help other companies to reach their emission goals in terms of Scope 3.