ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR - The world's first performance enhancing sportswear

Frankfurt on the Main, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Antelope is the world’s first sportswear with full body electro muscle stimulation that helps you to work out in the most effective and time-efficient way. Our vision is to build a wearable product, that will change your life by staying up to date with the current research and state of science. We want to help everybody to reach their potential. In other words, we want to add ten healthy years to the life of 1 billion people. We believe that science and technology open new possibilities and make our lives easier. This is also true for sports and athleticism. We work continuously on bringing physical and technological processes in close communion. Our first goal is to deliver the 1400 products to the customers who purchased the product through our $1.3M crowdfunding campaign. Based on everything we know about our customers from other marketing channels, the target market for the ANTELOPE.SUIT is men aged around 40 who run several times per week, have above average income and are open minded towards new technologies. With ANTELOPE, they can achieve better results in less time. Runners can stimulate their core muscles while running - no additional resistance workout is needed. ANTELOPE is the first tool to combine strength and endurance training. Fitness is crucial to your health. But going to the gym takes time, weight lifting is inefficient and can cause joint injuries. Today’s top athletes like Usain Bolt use electro-muscle-stimulation, but these devices are bulky, expensive, and can only be used at the gym. Antelope is the world’s first sportswear embedded with electrodes to stimulate your major muscle groups and enhance workout performance. Unlike competitors that operate indoors through a stationary device, ANTELOPE is completely mobile and can be used everywhere. ANTELOPE is a technology for everybody, not only for ambitious athletes.