Medical Harbour

Medical Imaging and 3D-Printed Custom Prosthetics

Florianopolis, Brazil

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Medical Harbour provides cutting-edge 3D printed custom prosthetics and software solutions for medical imaging and teleradiology. The project which gave origin to the company was awarded 1st place “Breakthrough in Innovation and Design” at the Microsoft //Publish/ 2014 global event and selected as one of the 45 out of 637 candidates for the Startup Brasil acceleration program. Software is at the core of everything we do. Even in the custom prosthetics business, the technology for generating the prostheses from radiological images is completely proprietary and developed in-house. The core value of the company is the customer’s feedback. By keeping close contact with key customers and working with a quick development cycle, Medical Harbour is constantly improving our solutions and ensuring value generation. Medical Harbour has offices in Florianópolis and São Paulo. Currently the company exports its custom implants and technological platforms to several countries in Latin America, Europe and Middle East.